2016 San Diego Regional Marketing Support Recap

The San Diego Tourism Authority provides marketing initiatives, promotions, and advertising to help support the San Diego Sub-Region areas of the destination. Through both value and luxury campaigns, digital promotions, and key partnerships, the sub-region gains exposure to a wide-ranging segment of potential visitors.  Below is a re-cap of various programs initiated during the 2016 calendar year.

MediaSilo Creative Assets Library Created

2016 San Diego Sub-Region LogosEach MediaSilo library has sub-region specific logos and taglines, rights-free photography, b-roll footage and a sizzle video to market the sub-region.

Created positioning taglines:

  • North Inland: Wide Open Wonderful
  • North Coastal: A Vibrant Kind of Chill
  • La Jolla: The Jewel by the Sea
  • Mission Bay: Good Vibes on the Water
  • Mission Valley: Positively in the Middle of it All
  • Point Loma Peninsula: Where Inspiration Sets Sail

2016 San Diego Sub Region Video

2016 Dedicated Sub-Region Sweepstakes

Dedicated Sub-Region sweepstakes were hosted quarterly on the Visit San Diego social media channels and distributed through the SDTA e-blast database  and blog with over 66.1K entries to win a trip to the Point Loma Peninsula, Mission Bay, La Jolla and Mission Valley regions.

  • Point Loma Peninsula sweepstakes featured Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites, San Diego Sailing Tours, Coasterra Restaurant & Cabrillo National Monument
  • Mission Bay sweepstakes featured The Dana on Mission Bay, Belmont Park, Cannonball, Seaforth Boat Rental & the Bahia Belle Boat Cruise
  • La Jolla sweepstakes featured La Valencia Hotel, George’s at the Cove, The Spa at Torrey Pines, Surf Divas Surf School & the La Jolla Playhouse
  • Mission Valley sweepstakes featured the Handlery Hotel San Diego, Bazaar del Mundo’s Specialty Shops, Casa Guadalajara, Riverwalk Golf Club & the Old Town Trolley Tours
2016 San Diego Sub-Region Sweepstakes

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2016 Sales & Marketing Digital Support

2016 San Diego Digital Promotions

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Online Travel Agency Campaigns

  • SDTA creatives showcased the Sub-Region hotel offers on the Home Page and Flight, Hotel, and Vacation Package pages with the support of marque placements to drive inspiration and consideration during peak search periods for travel by dates in need periods.
  • OTA Campaigns:
  • Winter Saving Message (November – February)
  • Early Summer Savings Message (April – June)
  • Late Summer Savings Message (July – August)
  • Winter Saving Message (November – February)*


  • Over 27.3 million served through OTAs
    *Campaign is still in progress and does not include Winter 2016 impressions

2016 San Diego OTA Logos

SDTA Generated Content

  • SDTA generated content covering all six Sub-Regions were published to the SanDiego.org website, through organic social media posts, amplified Facebook posts and the SDTA e-blast database.

Social Media Collaboration

  • Sub-Region activities were featured on the SDTA Instagram Story and Facebook live to include:
  • Music Festivals: KAABOO Del Mar
  • Halloween: The Whaley House Museum
  • Holidays: Liberty Public Market, Winter Wonderland Holiday Market and Fantasy on Ice
2016 San Diego Sub-Region Digital Promotions

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2016 Sub-Region Print Advertorials

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  • October Issue
  • Affluent
  • Sub-Region: North Coastal, La Jolla





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Family Fun

  • November Issue
  • Value
  • Sub-Region: Mission Bay





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Bon Appetit

  • November Issue
  • Luxury
  • Sub-Region: North Inland, North Coastal





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Golf Digest

  • November Issue
  • Sub-Region: North Inland, North Coastal






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Family Fun

  • December Issue
  • Value
  • Sub-Region: Point Loma Peninsula, Mission Valley





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Conde Nast Traveler

  • December Issue
  • Luxury
  • Sub-Region: North Inland, North Coastal




2016 Sub-Region Affluent Print Ads

2016 Sub-Region Value Print Ads

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