Best of the World: San Diego/Tijuana Selected by National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Best of the World - San Diego - National Geographic TravelerNational Geographic Traveler magazine has selected San Diego/Tijuana as one of 20 “Best of the World” destinations. The December 2015/January 2016 issue and the award-winning website will include the fifth annual list of recipients.

A worldwide network of editors, writers and explorers curated the list after a competitive selection and review process.


Best in the World - San Diego

Amy Alipio, Features Editor
National Geographic Traveler Magazine

“The Best of the World list reflects the travel expertise and global knowledge of National Geographic,” said features editor Amy Alipio. “The destinations represent what’s superlative, timely, and richly authentic in the world of travel today.”

With more than 8.5 million readers, National Geographic Traveler has the largest audience of any travel magazine in its category. Its readership is comprised of travelers with the highest passport ownership, most international and domestic trips, and most outdoor recreation spending than competitive magazine audiences.

The San Diego/Tijuana multi-national region is home to authentic travel opportunities with diverse cultural offerings and ideal year-round climate for outdoor activities. With the completion of the #CBX Cross Border Express, visitors to San Diego can quickly and conveniently fly in and out of Tijuana, providing more opportunities for international travel.

Joe Terzi San Diego Tourism Authority

Joe Terzi, President & CEO
San Diego Tourism Authority

“We’ve been working closely with our travel industry counterparts in Tijuana to market our bi-national region as a destination for a ‘2 Nation Vacation’,” said Joe Terzi, president and CEO of the San Diego Tourism Authority (SDTA).  “And recognition by a prestigious publication such as National Geographic Traveler shows that our efforts are beginning to pay off.”

Join National Geographic Traveler online for an engaging travel chat and show your support for San Diego. Thursday November 19th, 10am PST. Be sure to tag @NatGeoTravel and use hashtag #NatGeoTravelChat.

See National Geographic Travel’s List with San Diego/Tijuana here.

8 comments for “Best of the World: San Diego/Tijuana Selected by National Geographic Traveler Magazine

  1. February 28, 2016 at 11:51 am

    you can always take a tour to Tijuana with Tijuana Walking Tour. Check us out:

  2. Javier sSnchez
    February 16, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    Is there an absolute clean city arround? Is Tijuana more dangerous than L.A. or New York, Amsterdam, Berlin or any other city in the world? I’ve seen really bad things in those places and still they are worth visiting.
    If you want to expose only the scary face of every city, nobody would leave home at all.
    Tijuana is beautiful, the people are great, there’s something for everyone. Definitly Tijuana is one of the “must see” communities in the world.

  3. Tere Casillas Van Rickley
    February 9, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    Dear Readers;

    I am Proud of San Diego/Tijuana being awarded best of the world and being born and raised in Tijuana, a city were everyone knows each other! Families, friends and business owners care and help one another.

    Like every growing town with new opportunities, people from different areas and other counties flock in to our town. Tijuana receives them with open arms, the rich and poor, good or bad! Drugs and prostitution will be in every town from San Diego to Las Vegas to Florida!

    My husband, a Diego from San Diego (he calls himself this) and I, have traveled from North to the South of Baja California and all over Mexico many times, camping, fishing, diving, kayaking, sailing, and having a great time!

    I believe that the Dead Zone that Mr Bruce Smith mentions in his posting on 11/27/2015 is a good statement for tourist that want to be wild and free and do ALL! – what they don’t dare to do in the USA! (illegally)

    Our Wonderful Tijuana is a melting pot of many cultures – a rich and prosperous town like her sister town of San Diego!

    I invite you All to enjoy one of 20 The Best of the World destinations!

    San Diego/Tijuana

    Tere Casillas Van Rickley !

    February 9, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    I live in Tijuana. I am an ear, nose and throat specialist. I was born in San Diego (Mercy Hospital) but I live in Tijuana, and I’ve seen Tijuana over a lot of periods, some bad, but a lot of good experiences. About 80% of Tijuana is made of good family moral values, and only less then 20% is has a bad reputation of prostitution and drugs. Like all big cities, we also have our problems – no less than San Diego or LA. Only the bad reputation is what everybody sees. Also with the economy falling in the USA, a lot of families have come to find medical treatment in Tijuana. My office visits are abour 40% US patients that can’t afford American hospitals, or surgery. We give them support, and charge a lot less for surgery. Sometimes we don’t even charge them because they don’t have money, but that’s ok. We will always help our neighbors in need. Us Tijuana residents love San Diego, and we always talk nice about their people and lovely city. Hope they would see the best and good things in us. — Juan Arredondo, MD

  5. Manisha Beghum
    February 7, 2016 at 9:52 am

    I am from Canada and I was wondering the same thing when I noticed Tijuana being mentioned in the same light as San Diego. Thank you Bruce for being brave enough to clarify the point.

    • Bruce
      February 8, 2016 at 11:46 am

      Hello Manisha. Let me clarify. The good Mexican people are kind hearted and with warm, congenial spirit. But so many of it’s towns are high profile with danger for tourists. The State Department has also issued an official and caution for Americans wishing to travel to that country. How utterly irresponsible for a fine publication like this one to approve AND publish an article like this with glowing remarks that include Tijuana. When the Mexican Gov’t is able, if in our lifetime, to clean up their drug cartel generated crime and kidnappings, and murders then I’ll consider a return. US travelers … be acutely aware and cautious if you dare cross the border to Tijuana! I have read and heard of countless stories with some that were downright tragic.

      • Bruce
        February 8, 2016 at 1:35 pm

        One final and constructive comment. The Baja California (Mexico) Dept of Tourism has a backwards approach. Fix your big crime problem and make it safe for us first. Once so, we will return in droves to enjoy all you have to offer as you did in the distant past. You cannot rely on tourism and it’s dollars to expect change in crime, improved infrastructure, and the wrong perception that it will somehow make it safer. I’m not sure what planet Amy Alipio was sleeping on when she composed this way-off-the-mark article. Publishers? What were you thinking?

  6. Bruce Smith
    November 27, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    I’m just short of SHOCKED! The only thing that links Tijuana to San Diego is nearby geography. I live in San Diego and it’s been many, many years since I visited Tijuana and Ensenada. This Mexican border town is riddled with drug-related crime and police corruption. Have you been deaf to the horror stories of unfortunate Americans? It is clearly a dangerous dead zone for tourists. How could you possibly place the two cities in the same sentence for praise?? Stop painting Tijuana with a broad positive brush, trying to boost it on the superb coat tails of my wonderful town!

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