SDTA signs letter of agreement to promote bi-national region

On March 6, 2018, the SDTA team celebrated its strong partnership with leaders from Ensenada tourism, signing a letter of agreement to build relations and achieve common goals to promote the bi-national region. The SDTA delegation included:

  • Joe Terzi, President & CEO
  • Kerri Kapich, Chief Operating Officer
  • Margie Sitton, Senior Vice President of Sales
  • Phil Hannes, Director of International Marketing
  • Edna Gutiérrez, Public Relations Manager
    Dave Mering, Founder & CEO, MeringCarson – agency of record for SDTA
  • Sarah Metee, Director of Brand Marketing
  • Bob Morris, President of RBM & Associates, consultant

Ensenda - San Diego Signing Ceremony - March 6, 2018

In addition to the formal ceremony, the SDTA team toured the region to gain a deeper understanding of the offerings available for tourists. A strategy and workshop session gave the team an opportunity to present market updates on the San Diego region and listen to presentations by key stakeholders from Ensenada. Presentations and discussions were held with leaders including:

  • Nico Saad, President of PROTURISMO
  • Amador Arteaga, Director of PROTURISMO
  • Patricia Tavarez, Coordinator of Cruise Committee
  • Olga Benson, Coordinator of PROTURISMO
  • Juan Carlos Ochoa, RP PROTURISMO
  • Daniel Sanchez, Secretary of the board
  • Victor Leon, member of the board and touristic business
  • Hector Rosas, Delegate of SECTURE Ensenada
  • Heidi Salum, Director of Binational Affairs of BC
  • Fernando Perez Castro, President of PROVINO
  • Jared Gutierrez , Director of International Affairs of Ensenada
  • Gerardo Acala, President of Media Index

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