2017 Fleet Week Opportunity for Members

Fleet Week San Diego honors and celebrates the men and women of the military through events that entertain and alliances that thank and support these heroes.

In support of our military, the SDTA is encouraging local businesses and restaurants to show their appreciation by offering a “Military Appreciation Deal” during Fleet Week. This can be any kind of discount or gift with purchase. In return, Fleet Week organizers will post Member logos on the official website and in the official app, and link both back to your business website.

Your generosity will provide a special memory for a family that has been separated by weeks or months of training, distant deployments, and other hardships non-military families don’t have to endure.

No donation or deal is too small; our service men and women are grateful for every contribution and offer made. If you have a special request regarding a donation, please feel free to contact Larry Blumberg, executive director for Fleet Week San Diego.

The attached form contains the information needed to track the donations.

2017 Deal and Donation Form

More info on Fleet Week San Diego and sponsorships can also be found online here.

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