Help San Diego shine in #CAtourism initiative

Share your #CATourism story

Industry partners across the state can get involved in California Tourism Month in May by sharing the faces and stories of those behind the Golden State’s unforgettable travel experiences.

California’s unparalleled destinations and forward-thinking businesses shine year-round, but May will be a chance to showcase the individuals who truly make #CATourism a reality.

Introducing #CATourism at Work.

The statewide social campaign is a chance for industry partners to highlight staff members and to put faces to the “why travel matters” message in communities across the state. 

How to get involved

  1. Share photos of staff at work via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the Team California app.
  2. Tag with #CATourism #SanDiegoTourism
  3. Repeat

Share photos throughout the month ­– from hotel front desk staff greeting visitors to chefs crafting the perfect dish to working behind the scenes at the state’s attractions and everything in between.

This campaign is an easy and interactive way to showcase the people who constantly strive to create the experiences that define travel to California for visitors from around the globe.

Help Visit California share #CATourism with the world.

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