San Diego Site Experience is a Winner!

Time is of the essence for meeting planners, which is why San Diego will exceed your expectations during your site inspection. In San Diego, the site inspection becomes a site experience. Enjoy a more thoughtful, inspiring visit that elevates the traditional, “clinical” inspection and gives you a more meaningful and thoughtful experience. We promise to showcase our incredible destination respectfully and efficiently, so that your time is spent in the most meaningful and productive manner.

As a destination, we expect our sales teams to provide exceptional service to meeting planenrs, and now we’re acknowledging the best in our industry. At our first industry event, the award for “Hotel Site Experience Sales Team of the Year” was presented to the Team at Rancho Bernardo Inn for the following reasons:

  • Quick response time to leads
  • For reaching out to their clients before they arrive to establish a rapport
  • Ability to involve departments which are “hot buttons” for their clients during each site
  • For constantly changing up their WOW site experiences. Over the past year none of their sites were duplicated, but instead each was tailored to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Each client we brought to this property over the past year rated their overall experience of their site a Perfect 10!

The award for “Hotel Site Experience Sales Person of the Year” was presented to Rachel Strong at HardRock for the following reasons:

  • Quick response time to leads
  • Rachel researches both the program and the client in order to establish a quick rapport with her client prior to their arrival
  • Rachel involves those department heads into her sites which will play a critical role in the clients program
  • Rachel never duplicates a site and involves a creative element which will stand out to that client
  • Each client we brought to Rachel over the past year for a site, gave her a perfect 10 on their overall site experience

The Site Experience program is tailored to your specific needs and you’ll leave with engaging and relevant information about our destination. With the reliable, knowledgeable, and certified teams at San Diego Tourism Authority by your side, we take the “guess work” and the “leg work” out of the process, so you get the information you need to make intelligent and informed decisions.

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