SDTA Shifts Workshop Planning Approach for New Year

Dear friends,

We’re excited to announce a new plan for collaboration with our members in the coming year. After receiving great feedback from you regarding our committees and workshops, we’ve shifted our approach to allow more engagement and interaction throughout the year.

Over the years, we’ve hosted three standing committees; Hotel Sales Committee, Travel Trade Committee, and Marketing Committee. One of the challenges with these committees is their limited size. Our membership base of nearly 1,000 organizations and 4,000 members is diverse, well-informed, and knowledgeable about the destination. Many members have expressed interest in participating in these committees with the opportunity to learn from and contribute to their success.

Our fall Sales & Marketing Workshop was attended by more than 400 members and feedback was extremely positive. The overwhelming response was for inclusion of more workshops and partner engagement. We’ve heard your concerns and suggestions and will begin the New Year replacing the previous three-committee process with more comprehensive, all-member workshops.

Moving forward, three sales and marketing workshops will be held in fall, winter, and spring annually. In addition, staff may convene task forces throughout the year to work on specific sales and marketing issues such as sales development, web site development or international market development.

We look forward to working more closely with all of our members and encourage an open dialogue to improve communication and enrich collaboration.


Rod LaBranche, SDTA Board Chairman
Joe Terzi, SDTA President & CEO

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