Japan Airlines Announces New Direct Flight from Narita to San Diego

February 15 | Posted by Kerri Verbeke Kapich | Executive Update, Industry Trends, SDTA News, What's New

Over the past several months, we have been working closely with the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and the World Trade Center San Diego, to secure a direct flight from Narita International Airport (Tokyo) into San Diego. 

Japan Airlines (JAL) and the San Diego International Airport (SAN) announced today that they will launch a new nonstop service route from Narita to San Diego, starting December 2012. The route will be serviced by Boeing’s new 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft, with a seat capacity of 186. San Diego is currently the largest market in the U.S. without a direct flight to Asia.

In 2010, San Diego saw 74,000 visitors from Japan, who spent an average of $3,900 per person, per trip, and stayed an average of 8 nights. In 2010, California had nearly 600,000 visitors from Japan, and the U.S. had 3.4 million Japanese visitors. The new Japan Airlines flight is the first-ever direct route into San Diego, not only from Japan, but from other Asia-Pacific Countries as well. This is a critical component to driving more direct visitors from Japan and other the emerging Asian markets.

The current plans are to launch with four flights a week starting December 2012, then increase to daily flights beginning March 2013.

For more information, read the press release.


5 Responses to “Japan Airlines Announces New Direct Flight from Narita to San Diego”

  1. Paolo Ayonon says:

    I have rode the new 787-8 Dreamliner twice so far. The aircraft is impressive with its new features. I am amazed by the aircraft that I took a photo of it. I thank Japan Airlines for their hard work in bringing this plane to San Diego for a direct flight to Narita and back to San Diego.

    • Susan Bruinzeel says:

      We are happy to hear that you were pleased with the 787 and JAL experience. The San Diego Tourism Authority is committed to the success of the Narita-San Diego direct flight, and will continue efforts to ensure it remains. This direct flight is bringing millions of dollars to the San Diego economy.

  2. canuck_in_ca says:

    Looks like the flights are bookable. Inaugural on Dec 2. The flights are Sun, Mon, Wed, and Fri initially.

  3. Chris Browne says:

    I am so happy this is going to happen. I usually fly out of LA to Narita. Besides, I want to fly on the new planes!

  4. Kenneth Bower says:

    I plan on using Japan Airlines for all trips for me or my wife SAN-Narita-BKK. Please let me know when I can start booking our flights.

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