San Diego Airport Improvement Updates

August 2017 update from San Diego Regional Airport Authority:

San Diego International Airport occupies a surprisingly small footprint of just 661 acres. To continue to meet ever-increasing passenger demand, the Airport Authority is devising the Airport Development Plan (ADP), the Airport Authority’s planning effort to determine the future needs and plans for San Diego International Airport through the year 2035.

The ADP will:

  • Replace Terminal 1 with a more efficient structure
  • Improve access to the airport
  • Ensure our facilities can efficiently accommodate future activity levels
  • Help the airport maintain high levels of passenger satisfaction.

The ADP envisions:

  • A future connection to SANDAG’s planned Intermodal Transit Center north of the airport
  • A dedicated on-airport roadway to help reduce airport traffic on Harbor Drive
  • Future expansion of Terminal 2 West

The latest concept synthesizes years of input from the public and the Board. The project is now in the environmental review phase.

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